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The Art of the Concealed Kitchen

Clever ways to hide appliances and enhance aesthetic appeal.

In the realm of kitchen design, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. The concept of a concealed kitchen has gained popularity offering a blend of innovation and style. In this article we will go over the art of a concealed kitchen and the various ways you can hide appliances to create a sleek, clutter free kitchen.

Beige cabinets and white quartz countertop. Paneled fridge and statement hood

Large Appliances

Sometimes the appliances in our kitchen can be an eyesore. By concealing large appliances, you can achieve a cohesive look in your kitchen that is uninterrupted by a bulky refrigerator or outdated dishwasher.

We cover large appliances using overlay panels. Instead of seeing a stainless steel box, you see a gorgeous integration of your cabinet style Your appliances are still there - covered and hidden away!

Paneled fridge in a wood grain kitchen
Paneled fridge in a wood grain kitchen


Whether you have a small scale pantry integrated in your cabinets or would like to feature a walk in pantry, innovative cabinetry can blend this storage space with the rest of your design. This walk in pantry by Dura Supreme is disguised by the cabinetry around it.

For the aspiring chef or bakery enthusiast - this is perfect for functionality, organization, and aesthetics!

Dark green muted cabinets with a dark wood island and quartz countertops. Statement hood made of wood paneling
Door opening to concealed pantry in a kitchen


Concealing a dishwasher with a panel serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. It blends into the surrounding decor maintaining a cohesive look in the kitchen.

A panel also allows for flexibility in kitchen layout and design because it enables the dishwasher to be placed anywhere in the kitchen without disrupting the flow of the space. It is a very popular choice in modern home designs.

Appliance Garage

How many small appliances call your countertop home? Rather than cook in a cluttered kitchen, designate an area to place your toasters, coffee makers, rice cookers, etc. to minimize disarray.

An appliance garage will blend seamlessly in your kitchen and conceal the appliances you use frequently - so they are still easy to access.

White cabinets and white quartz countertop in a kitchen showcasing an appliance garage.
Blue cabinets in a modern kitchen showcasing a lift up appliance garage

Utensil or Spice Pull Out

Base cabinet pantry pull outs are used to organize kitchen gadgets, knives, spices, etc. In addition to decluttering the countertop, the pull out mechanism allows easy access to kitchen essentials.

These pull outs not only maximize storage capacity, but also elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Modern spice pull out in a beige kitchen
Spice pull out in a traditional looking kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen? Contact Studio22!

Seeking to refresh your kitchen? Visit our showroom or call us to speak with a kitchen design expert. Your dream kitchen is finally attainable with less stress, in less time, and at an affordable cost. We are ready to help you with your kitchen renovation project.


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